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J. Brown, a rising star and torchbearer of timeless musical values, hails from illustrious Detroit, Michigan, the hometown of renowned and legendary Motown Records. With the Motown legacy in mind, J. Brown continues to thrive and create contemporary music transcending time.


J. Brown's musical journey began in the church, where he nurtured his passion through choir performances every Sunday. Motown legacy runs deep, thanks to his mother, a former Motown artist, whose determination inspired him to pursue his musical dreams. His other influences are icons like Usher, Jay-Z, Jimi Hendrix, Nas, and Sting. 


While studying at Grambling State University, J. Brown's drive and passion for music led him to get signed to Universal Republic Records, where he released records like "Imma Love You Right" and "Sex On My Money" featuring Gucci Mane. Even with that success, he still needed to refine his craft. After a decade of honing his skills, he re-emerged with "Sunrise Sunset," which hit #10 on the Billboard Charts. His subsequent hits, like "Give It To You," "Moon," and "Vibe," have solidified his presence in the industry.

J. Brown's musical prowess has left an indelible mark on the industry, earning him eight Top 20 singles and seven Top 10 hits on the R&B Billboard Charts. His first #1 single, 'My Whole Heart,' dominated the charts for three weeks and marked a significant shift in the R&B landscape. This achievement solidified his position as a force to be reckoned with in the industry, and his subsequent releases have only further cemented his influence.


In creating his album 'The Art Of Making Love,' J. Brown embarked on a collaborative journey with renowned talents like Carvin Haggins, The Ring, and Grammy-winning producer Camper. This album is a testament to J. Brown's belief in the profound connection of making love beyond physicality and celebrating deep emotional bonds. Each song is meticulously crafted to convey this sentiment, offering a soul-stirring experience that is a testament to J. Brown's dedication to his craft and ability to work with other talented individuals.


J. Brown's mission is to resurrect the era of feel-good music that fosters love and connection. In a world often characterized by superficiality, he strives to provide music with a moral compass, aiming to leave a lasting impression and entertaining a devoted following with songs that withstand the test of time.

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