Urban Sunset
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Figuratively set to the rhythmic pace of its infamous, steady-grinding automobile factories, while its streets are legendary and well-known the world over for the hyper-creative and musically fertile atmosphere that gave birth to Motown, Detroit continues to be a music capital of feel-good, contemporary music that ultimately proves timeless. The list of iconic names that have emerged from the Motor City seems infinite and though generationally removed from the Gordy company’s, J. Brown has brought those proven musical values into the new music era with “Vibe.” With music firmly in his blood and armed with tunnel-vision focus on following his passion of making music from the heart, J. Brown delivers a dose of straight-up R&B to a music generation largely devoid of truly soulful and impassioned music. The culmination of years spent honing his craft and holding true to his dream of bringing back passionate music, has resulted in three top ten Billboard Urban Adult Charts with “Give It 2 U”, “Sunrise Sunset”and “Moon.”

Music listeners are set to discover, “Some things have a little pop influence, but the majority of it is straight R&B with that old-school feel. You might think of Babyface, Mint Condition, Bell Biv Devoe,

New Edition, Jon B or maybe a little Jaheim when you hear it. I just hear a combination of so many different artists when I go back and listen to my music. I can sing on the spot without any technology just like the old cats did. Capturing that “old school feel” and bringing it back was actually my objective.”

The youngest of five children born to a preacher and musically ambitious mother, J ’s musical journey began in the church at eight-year old. His musical interests were unleashed by singing with the choir every Sunday morning. Though his personal music influences as a youngster included the likes of Usher, Jay-Z, Jimi Hendrix, Nas and Sting, it turns out the only direct Motown connection comes through his initial musical inspiration, his Mom. “She was initially signed to Motown back in the day,” J explains; “she and my aunt had a situation with Motown. Smokey Robinson actually signed them, and then my Mom got pregnant with my older brother. That pretty much finished that deal. So, it all pretty much started for me with my Mom, with all of her experiences and what she did as far as pursuing her dream inspired me.” While exposed to the classical music his Mom regularly played at home, grade school found young J nurturing his acting and vocal skills in a local theater group, which afforded him the opportunity to sing the national anthem at Pistons and Lions games, as well as perform for then President Clinton multiple times. J proceeded onto a full academic scholarship at Grambling State University, spending the subsequent four years recording and performing.

J. BROWN aims to lure a massive faithful following with songs that will prove to stand the test of time. “I want to bring back that ‘feel-good music’ that everybody who wants love listens to,” he proclaims of his musical intentions. “I want to bring back something that will ultimately cause people to fall back in love. I want to take people back to where we once used to be in terms of music...that real love music...that kind of music that ultimately results in people having babies...that long-term type of music and that long-term love relationship type of music that makes people want to stay with their significant others. Nowadays we’re hearing that ‘hit-it-and-quit-it” type of music versus music of substance. We need more music with a moral foundation...and that’s what I want to put out there. I want people to say, ‘This guy has music that is not only good music, but music that will last throughout the years.’ Let’s get back to the real love and the music that really matters and means something.”